How Solar Power works?

  1. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity according to the following steps:
  2. The sunlight hits the solar panel, which is mounted on top of the roof or on the ground. Solar panel is a collection of silicon cells which generate electricity from sunlight termed as direct current (DC)
  3. The photons (light particles of sun) hit the surface of the silicon wafer (collection of silicon cell), which produces an electrical current (Direct Current, [DC])
  4. DC electricity flows through an inverter, which converts DC electricity in alternating current (AC).Alternating current (AC) power is the type of current that is currently used in homes or businesses.
  5. Any surplus Electricity produced by the solar system is fed into the grid via net meter (Applicable Utility).
  6. A Net meter, which is a bi-directional meter, keeps track of the amount of energy your system contributes to the utility company.
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