Solar Terminology

  • Array: Group of solar panel intended to transform sunlight into energy.
  • Alternating Current (AC): Electric power delivered to Residences and Business are in the form of Alternating current.
  • Balance of system: Balance of system consists of all the components except Solar PV module or PV panel. It includes Wiring, conduit, disconnect switches, mounting or racking and Inverter are considered as part of balance of system.
  • Direct Current (DC): Is the unidirectional flow of electric charge. Solar Panel produces DC electric charge. Direct current can be converted into Alternating current with the help of Inverter. This later can be used in Residential or commercial application.
  • Inverter: Inverter converts Direct current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC)
  • Kilowatt hour (kWh): Unit of energy equivalent to 1000 watt hours. (1kW = 1000 watt)
  • Megawatt (MW): (1 megawatt = 1000 Kw)
  • Micro Inverter: One per module (Converts DC to AC right there)
  • Net-meter: Net meter is bi-directional meters which keep tracks of amount of energy outflows & inflows (Debit & Credit) from your meter.
  • Off Grid: Stand-alone system with or without battery.
  • On Grid or Grid tie: Connected to Grid via Net metering (No need of battery)
  • Orientation: Seasonal and hourly positional change of sun path (daylight & length) as Earth rotates around Sun.
  • Photovoltaic (PV): Photo = light voltaic = produces voltage. Photovoltaic is a method which converts Sunlight into Direct current (DC)
  • PV Monitoring: PV monitoring system consists of hardware unit that are connected wirelessly or through wire. Which allow us to monitoring amount of energy generated by PV systems.
  • System component: Solar Array, Mounting, Inverter, house electrical panel.
  • Tilt: Sloping Surface, inclination from Horizontal or vertical
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