Aqua Air is organization with a mission to create and engender the utilization of sun powered vitality to deliver vitality for day by day utilize. Our wander depends on a straightforward and effective thought of changing over regular assets into beneficial and condition well disposed vitality. In our mission to put our thought energetically, we have set up an office to grow profoundly vitality proficient and beneficial photovoltaic sun based boards which are utilized to tap the sun based vitality. Aqua Air Solar is a broadened organization giving an extensive variety of sun based items and administrations.

Sunlight based boards are a standout amongst the most imperative items in making a spotless situation with the utilization of sustainable power source. When the world is doing combating the effect of an unnatural weather change and quick exhausting petroleum derivatives, creating vitality from Sun has a splendid future. Sun oriented vitality will undoubtedly turn into a noteworthy wellspring of energy later on.

We offer following Solar services and products :

  • Energy consulting service
  • Turnkey solution provider
  • System Installation
  • Energy Economics and Procurement
  • Solar Sit Evaluation
  • Solar Power Parking Lot Light
  • Hybrid Car Charging station
  • Solar Maintenance Plan
  • Solar Performance Optimization
  • Solar energy Audit
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